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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sublimation digital inks for printing onto paper, designed for Kyocera printheads.



APPLICATION FIELD Garments, Accessories, Leather goods, Shoes, Home textile, Advertising, Flags & Banners, Visual, Sportswear, Outdoor. GENERAL FEATURES  Bright colors  Good general fastness  Good drying on paper according to the printing speed. SUBSTRATES Polyester or blended fabrics with at least 60% polyester. TRANSFER CONDITIONS The recommended temperature for a good transfer of the ink is between 190° C and 220°C for 30". The ideal transfer parameters are strongly affected by the type and weight of both paper and fabric. It is necessary to carry out preliminary tests in order to identify the best combination of time / temperature for the best yield and brightness of colors. STORAGE & SHELF LIFE The ink shall be stored at a temperature between 10° - 25°C, away from heat and direct sunlight. If the ink is stored in different conditions, it is recommended to bring the product to the operating conditions of temperature and humidity for at least 24 hours before use. Stored under correct conditions, the recommended shelf life is 12 months from production date, excepted FLUO and SPOT-COLORS, whose shelf life is 6 months CLEANING To clean the hydraulic circuit of the plotter use exclusively DKY200000 – INTEGRAL-K CLEANER, taking all necessary safety precautions: avoid contact with skin, wear safety gloves and glasses. PRODUCT RANGE & PACKAGING 5Kg cans CODE DESCRIPTION DKY200297K5 INTEGRAL-K YELLOW DKY200397K5 INTEGRAL-K MAGENTA DKY200397LK5 INTEGRAL-K LIGHT MAGENTA DKY200497K5 INTEGRAL-K CYAN DKY200497LK5 INTEGRAL-K LIGHT CYAN DKY200797K5 INTEGRAL-K BLACK DKY200701K5 INTEGRAL-K SUPER BLACK DKY200210K5 INTEGRAL-K FLUO YELLOW DKY200317K5 INTEGRAL-K FLUO AURORA PINK DKY200402K5 INTEGRAL-K TURQUOISE DKY200404K5 INTEGRAL-K BLUE DKY200301K5 INTEGRAL-K ORANGE DKY200000K1 INTEGRAL-K CLEANER